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Crypto Mass Email Marketing Campaign - ICO Email Marketing

Elon Mustang
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🤠Elon Mustang....Presents.... 🤩 
Cryptocurrency Mass Email Marketing. To Launch Your Crypto Project !
🥂Email Marketing is The Oldest For of Marketing On The Web and Is Still Very Effective. If Executed Correctly. 🥂  
We design your HTML marketing template, and once your confirm your happy with the designs. We push the button and send your project to millions of active crypto investor 😍 This process can yield high results and potentially crash website. so ensure your web server can cope with high traffics.
email marketing crypto
Bulk Order discount is available, DM me
Full refund if were not able to email your project.
Custom orders only, as every project is different and must also pass our rug pull check.  To protect the credibility our supply chain and our brand.
Telegram@ elonmustang
Mobile - +44 7761439662
We accept BTC / ETH / BNB and MGN Token.
Information Required
  • Website Address of Project
  • Contract Address (To verify source code - No honeypot function- we can read code)
  • Telegram Group or Discord Channel
  • Email Address for delivery Report
ICO Email Marketing Advantages 
Niche Targeted Traffic - We have done all our due diligence in putting together the perfect group of influencers to skyrocket your project. 
Reach Active Crypto Investor - We can bring the whales to your projects with this gig. We have a list of contacts of whales and we always ping our whales when we promote an interesting project. Free Ping To our List of Whales.
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