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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups For Apes.

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Top telegram groups for finding new cryptocurrency tokens. Below is a list of the hottest telegram group for trading and talking about new cryptocurrency. Find that next 10000x projects And join in live voice / video chat and discussions. 

@OfficialShampooLounge (Golden Apes 🦍 Hangout)

Learn everything Crypto! We made this in order to share our knowledge and make future millionaires! Join us to learn crypto, new coin releases, weekly giveaways, voice chat, video chat and much more.


Official Bitboy channels. If your new crypto and don’t know who bitboy is. It’s cool. He’s just one of those guys to follow and hear out.

And that’s are his other channels @BitSquad

@BitsquadTraders, @BitverseComics .                                                   


1. No shilling

2. No posting links/referrals & no begging for $

3. Respect admins & others


Offices SatoshiStreetBets was founded on Reddit in Feb 2020 and later they made a telegram channel for their members. It’s now one of the biggest and move active cryptocurrency group on Reddit and telegram. This is where the apes 🦍 hang out. 

🔸Our token: @SatoshiSwapAnnouncements

🔸SSB News: @SSBannouncements

🔸Rules: @SSBrules

🔸Second group: @SSBserious

🔸All our groups: @SSBdirectory

🔸Promotion: @SSBowner

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