Captian Ahab and Moby Dick SEO Package

Welcome to the galaxy of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, where we set sail on a journey to enhance your online presence and propel your website to new heights. Explore the burning advantages of our service and discover why Captain Ahab is your ultimate companion in conquering the digital seas.

Quality Traffic:
Experience a surge in quality traffic as Captain Ahab harnesses the power of blogs, Web 2.0 platforms, articles, Edu profiles, and social media channels to attract potential leads to your website. Our targeted approach ensures that every visitor is a potential customer ready to engage with your brand.

SERP Traffic:
Set sail towards success with our strong backlink strategy, comprising blogs, articles, Web 2.0 platforms, and high PR Edu links. These powerful backlinks provide a significant boost to your search engine results page (SERP) ranking, resulting in sustained traffic and long-term benefits for your website.

Brand Image:
Establish yourself as a reputable brand within your niche by submitting high-quality articles through Captain Ahab. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your brand is recognized and trusted by visitors, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can Captain Ahab benefit my website?
A: By utilizing Captain Ahab, you can connect with tens of thousands of potential prospects through short-term strategies like social media and article marketing, while also securing long-term visibility for your business.

Q: Will I have visibility into the articles before submission?
A: Absolutely. We prioritize transparency and will confirm articles with you before submission, ensuring they align with your brand and objectives.

Q: Do the properties stick?
A: Yes, without a doubt. If you encounter any missing properties, we offer free replacements anytime. Just reach out to us.

Q: Do you update your database frequently?
A: We regularly refresh our database of social media sites, Web 2.0 platforms, and article submission sites to maintain optimal performance and effectiveness.

Q: Do I need to make upfront payment?
A: Yes, we require 100% upfront payment to initiate your project and deliver exceptional results.

Q: How can I place an order?
A: Ordering is seamless. Click on the “Order Now” button, fill out the Wufoo Form with your details, and proceed to the payment page.

Q: How many keywords can I provide per package?
A: You can provide a total of 14-15 keywords, including main keywords, LSI/generic keywords, and your naked URL. We’ll ensure a balanced anchor diversity for maximum impact.

Q: How many articles do you write per package?
A: We craft unique, high-quality articles for each package, spin them heavily, and distribute them across directories to maximize your reach.

Q: What kind of report can I expect?
A: You’ll receive a comprehensive Excel sheet report detailing every phase of our process, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Why Choose Captain Ahab and Moby Dick:

  • Tailored strategies for quality traffic generation
  • Robust backlink portfolio for enhanced SERP ranking
  • Reputation building through high-quality content submission
  • Transparent process with upfront payment
  • Seamless ordering process for your convenience
  • Customized keyword strategy for maximum impact
  • Balanced anchor diversity for post-Penguin 4.0 benefits
  • Comprehensive reporting for full transparency
  • Support for Non-English sites, ensuring global reach

Embark on a voyage of success with Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. Join us today and chart a course towards digital prosperity!